I am so thankful you are considering letting essential oils into your life, the oils can be used for many remedies as well as household cleaning and personal care products. I carry most some of my favorite oils with me all the time and have integrated them into my everyday life 


How To Join My Team

Step 1: Go to the doTerra website or

Step 2: Click 'Join and Save'

Step 3: Select your Language & Country of Residence

Step 4: Choose Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate (The difference between a Wellness Advocate and a Wholesale Customer is the ability to earn money and extra rewards for referring friends. You can always upgrade to a Wellness Advocate after 90 days for free  You must at least become a Wholesale Customer if you want to receive the best deals on all the yummy oils. 

Remember o monthly minimum order and no obligation to sell the oils or create a business. however also the possibility to start earning money if you are keen to share the oils

Step 5: Enter Information by filling out the top of the application with your personal information. 

Step 6: At Enroller id, make sure my number 3568517 is displayed then click verify to see my name (sharla charnley )

Step 7: This is where you get to choose how you receive your 25% off. You have two options: Pay a membership fee of $35 and chose your single oils and add your welcome introductory (I would add a bottle of fractionated coconut oil to your order so you can start to create blends and apply the oils safely to your body, you may also need a diffuser )

 or purchase a kit I would like the  Home Essentials Kit because it comes with 10 incredible oils plus a diffuser for a FRACTION of the price

Step 8: Select continue and you will be directed to the next page to input your credit card details. 

Step 9: Complete the information and submit your order and welcome to the Trulywellness team



When you join our team you get these fabulous oils at wholesale price ,complimentary education and support  and a free yoga class if you are located on the sunshine coast\


Good Luck and Happy Aromatherapy,