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Ice Bath sunshine coast Queensland

Ice Bath

Self-care… the magic ingredients for health & happiness.

Do you feel the calling to challenge yourself?

Push your boundaries and support your health, reconnect with your body, quieten your mind, learn how to take control of your emotions, unleash your inner power & innate wisdom in the cold water...

Become your contagious calm

Live a fun and liberating experience and leaves you feeling refreshed and empowered.
Exposure to ice cold water helps to :

- Reduces inflammation
- Boosts your immune system
- Increases your metabolic rate 
- Enhance your mood
- Improve your threshold for stress.
- Dopamine is increased by 250-300% 
- Reset the autonomous nervous system,
- Activates the body’s to produce noradrenaline, adrenaline, and serotonin in the brain. 
- Energetically, it is a path to empower your mind, break physical, mental & energetic limits.

There are also studies that suggest that regular ice baths help to reduce anxiety, depression, manage PTSD triggers, and other mental and emotional disorders.

This 45mins session with include :

- Gentle Sun Salutations (gentle yoga)
- Guided Breath work
- Heart Opening Cacao
- Outdoor Ice Bath in nature (first time in the ice bath maximum time is 3 mins) 

What to bring :

- Swimwear

- Towel

- Yoga mat

 - An open heart & a smile !

Next sessions : 17th march 
                      28th april
Join us to experience a ice-bath in the peaceful of Verrierdale, 7mins from Eumundi, 10mins from Peregian Springs or 25mins from Noosa.

Please note this is a child friendly event and the location is a private home in the peaceful of Verrierdale, Sunshine Coast.

Parking : available at the entrance of the property.  
Address provide once you have paid for your ticket via EFT.

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