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Autumn, naturally

Welcome to the change of season from Truly Wellness.

Traditionally, autumn is a time to harvest, and an opportunity to allow yourself to let go of what no longer serves you: to observe everything with a non-judgmental awareness, and bring into being a calmer, quieter version of ourselves.

The season reminds us to allow ourselves to pause, to breathe out, and begin to slow down, as we observe the change in nature, which mirrors similar changes within

As we slow down and honor the shorter days, we may choose warmer foods, adding warm spices - I especially love cinnamon and ginger. Originating In India, there was a time whencinnamon was more valuable than gold. This now common spice helps regulate blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation.

In essential oil form, it’s like a hug in a bottle!

I also love Fresh Ginger, which is great for digestion and anti-inflammatory effects.

Both are available as essentials oils to spice up and warm your environment.

This season, we bring to you our Autumn Treat.

Autumn Bliss Indulgence 150 min $210

Enjoy a restful treatment to soothe the tension from your head and calm your mind. The ultimate soothing wellness experience combines our holistic signature treatment to bring your inner focus to a more relaxed pace. 

Take the weight off your mind with a combination of therapies, which include Meditation • Therapeutic Footbath • Hot Stone and Crystal Therapy • Foot Massage


During autumn, have fun: create a gratitude list, begin something new, enjoy a yoga class, stay connected to being present, and take care of your soul, your health and your wellbeing.

Based in the Noosa Hinterland, Truly Wellness offers natural products for everyday living, and holistic treatments for health and wellbeing.

With a focus on aromatherapy, massage, retreats and yoga, our ethos revolves around treatments and products that release, transform, expand and revive.

You can view our products and services here, or contact usdirectly to learn more.

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