Aromatherapy & Tarot Party

Bring something unique to any special occasion, or simply treat yourself and friends through the joyful experience of blending scents in a personalised aromatherapy session, as well as receiving guidance and inspiration through a one-on-one tarot reading.


A 15 minute personal intuitive tarot reading for each participant is followed by a fun and interactive group session discovering your own unique aromatherapy blend to take home.


With over 45 years experience between them, Sharla and Nicole bring to the party a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in the realm of tarot and aromatherapy. 


Sharla and Nicole’s aim is to create a relaxed and ambient atmosphere, while their attention to detail ensures that participants feel engaged and valued as a group, and as individuals. 


Participants will leave feeling relaxed and inspired after having shared a rich experience that seeks to uplift and connect. 



We Also Offer:


Transcendent Tarot


Bringing the wisdom of varied life experiences combined with a heart centred approach, Nicole aims to expand your perception and provide intuitive guidance to specific questions or life in general in a safe and supportive environment.


With over 20 years experience tapping into the subtle energies of archetypes, numerology, astrology, symbology and the tarot, Nicole offers readings that allow you to:

  • gain clarity, direction and peace of mind

  • access your innate wisdom and truth

  • find creative solutions

  • transcend perceived obstacles