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This magnificent gift from nature, Rose Elixir helps heals your emotions, remove blocks and barriers, uplifts your spirits and harmonizes the mind. A blend of love, Rose Elixir seeks to rejuvenate and inspire, and ultimately, open your heart. The mists are a great plant based alternative to synthetic air fresheners, a few sprays can change the mood, a must for every home


Rose elixir benefits emotional processing, empowers the mind and assist in decision-making and completion of projects. Rose elixir helps with stress, nervous tension and anxiety.


Benefits :  uplifts your spirit, inspire feelings of hope, happiness, joy and love



  • Spray around and over your entire body after shower or to freshen up any time for a splash of gentle aroma, has great nourishing, calming and balancing properties
  • Rose Elixir provides a wonderful aroma around the home, it clears stagnant, negative energy and brings serenity
  • Can be used as a linen and pillow spray.


This gentle form is suitable for sensitive people, pregnant women and children. It contains all the plant essence components as essential oil and all beneficial qualities but it is gentler and does not have to be diluted.


Pure - no preservatives, additives or synthetic ingredient



Rose Elixir  $23 (100ml) or $14 50ml                                                                      Rose Elixir (Glass Bottle) $26 (100ml  $17  50ml

Organic Rose Elixir

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