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Charged by moonlight and sunlight with Rose Quartz, and imbued with positive intentions, the Energy Clearing Mist Spray is a multi-purpose spray that aids in clearing & dispersing negative energy. Gently mist around your body, or throughout your home or workplace.


A magical way to cleanse, charge and enhance your energy!


Blended with sea salt, Rose Quartz water, Peppermint, Cypress, Sage and Clove 


  • Peppermint removes tension & negative energy
  • Lemon is a great psychic cleanser
  • Cypress purifies surrounding energy  
  • Clove is anti-bacterial & cleans any surrounding area 
  • Sage purifies negative energy
  • Water charged with Rose Quartz helps to attract love & abundance 
  • Energized by sunlight & moonlight grounds & raises vibration
  • Salt is cleansing & removes negative energy


An all time favorite way to clear negative energy out of my home, office or any item is to use essential oils. Essential oils invite positive energy, uplifting any space. Containing antibacterial and antiviral properties, they also help to make your home healthier naturally.

Energy Clearing Mist Spray

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