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Spa and wellness consultant

Spa Consultancy

We aim to provide a service that not only embraces the changing face of the wellness and holistic spa industry, but also seeks to break out of the “formula” approach to spa treatments.

Our main focus is on the core wellness and spa experience, integrating ancient and new modalities in a serene and sacred environment while keeping true to the heritage of healing.

Whether you are already in an established spa and wish to revamp and rebrand your product, or if you are in the process of developing a spa and wellness centre, Truly Wellness provides a turn-key wellness and spa concept which includes design, development and training. 

We custom design and deliver key components, which enable you to :

- Create a detailed Business plan for your Spa/Wellness Center 

- Embrace and impart authentic values 

- Source natural and high quality treatments and products

- Provide a balanced and integrated system whereby the client is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually supported in their treatments

- Receive full training and support, from management through to staff, in order to achieve maximum results


...believe that while we nourish the body, mind and spirit, we must also honour the earth, and that wherever possible we strive to support the use of eco-friendly products and solutions.

...specialise in treatment development, creating an array of global treatments exclusive for your holistic spa concept or brand.

...provide the tools to perfect an urban spa, destination spa, hotel-linked spa, medical spa or healing sanctuary.

...have the resources and expertise to help you create an ecologically sensitive and sustainable design for your spa operation.

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