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Yazawa Miho, Doonan QLD

Although I have studied and been practicing aromatherapy, the process Sharla put us through was new to me. What I liked most was she helped us focus on our authentic sense, not knowledge, at present, how we feel each aroma, how we react to it, both emotionally and physically. In that very casual chat, we naturally found our favorite four to five aromas for that moment (it was nice to know the favorite aromas may differ every 6 weeks! ) and each of us made our own Happy Spray. The process makes sense. to me and it simply smells so good to me. I have always liked aromatherapy but I think I really experienced the power of aroma and had a lot of fun too : )
Yoga Testimonials

Claire Smith, Jakarta

A great way for me to slow down, connect with my changing body and my baby, this sessions helped me to feel calm, strong abd confident in preoaration for birth.
Spa Consultancy Testimonials

Charles Au, Director @ VERITA Advanced Wellness

I have had the fortune to work with Sharla who helped us set up VERITA, Singapore's largest Integrated Wellness Center. She was a pleasure to work with and was extremely efficient at sourcing and managing everything related to the SPA division. Her attention to detail and the quality and dedication were also evident. Sharla is also well connected in her industry and helped us by locating and hiring excellent therapists that keep our clients coming back. I would highly recommend her services as she constantly strives to provide more than is expected.
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