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Although I have studied and been practicing aromatherapy, the process Sharla put us through was new to me. What I liked most was she helped us focus on our authentic sense, not knowledge, at present, how we feel each aroma, how we react to it, both emotionally and physically. In that very casual chat, we naturally found our favorite four to five aromas for that moment (it was nice to know the favorite aromas may differ every 6 weeks! ) and each of us made our own Happy Spray. The process makes sense. to me and it simply smells so good to me. I have always liked aromatherapy but I think I really experienced the power of aroma and had a lot of fun too : )

yazawa miho, Doonan, Queensland


My amazing experience began the moment I drove up Sharla's driveway. Welcomed by Sharla's gentle smile, entering her gorgeous home and then being lead to her treatment space all contributed to setting the scene for the most amazing massage. This, not just a massage but a wholesome, nurturing and heartfelt experience. Sharla being there with me 100% as she guided my mind and body into a blissful state of contentment and relaxation. Sharla's intuition, aromatherapy and massage skills allowed her to fully engage with my body leaving me feeling soft and free of aches and old tension build up.

Michelle Greene


I have been made to feel very special today. I have so much gratitude and love for two beautiful ladies.  Sharla Charnley for the most amazing massage experience I have had. I feel like I'm on top of the world. Both ladies, so gifted, skilled and experienced, goddesses both. I am blessed.  

Linda Shepherd Queensland


Thank you so much, Sharla, for a truly extraordinary massage experience. Loved starting with a lemon and magnesium foot bath, in the Asian tradition. So relaxing, cleansing and great way begin with fresh intention "leaving it all at the door". I felt the massage was infused with knowledge, skill and spiritual awareness. The oils were so complimentary and just what I needed today. So much knowledge, skill and experience in those hands, right here in Verriedale. Left feeling ten feet tall. Blessings, dear lady.

Linda Shepherd Queensland


Such an amazing massage. I left feeling like I was floating on air!

Sarah Beazley 


Thanks Sharla, best massage like...ever! Still feeling the benefits of a truly intuitive massage that addressed old problems and old issues.



Had a wonderful Massage today with Sharla at @trulywellness. Highly recommend her...and look at her @the_modern_altarsitting there in the treatment room  #sacredspace #massage #verrierdale#aromatherapist #ritual 





This place was right up my alley! A relaxed home environment amongst the wilderness  Sharla provided a great massage using essential oils with a comforting hollistic approach. I will be back!

Cazz JJ




A great way for me to slow down, connect with my changing body and my baby, this sessions helped me to feel calm, strong abd confident in preoaration for birth.

Claire Smith, Jakarta


The class has helped me stay flexible, agile and relaxed. The positions are beneficial and the instructions are easy to follow. Thank you for your help, sharla charnley

Assia T, Singapore


I started attending prenatal classes at mother and child since 19wks I am 29wks now. I have felt more relaxed, my muscles are less tense and I feel generally happier and positive about the pregnancy since taking the yoga classes. I now attend class twice a week and look forward to every class, thank you sharla

Siew leng, Singapore


I love the class.Wonderful experience each time with a feeling of relaxation but also useful ‘exercise’. Sharla’s personal touch with advise for the birth and after gives the experience a personal touch.

Thank You, Andrea Fiquet


A nice relaxing class which leaves you feeling invigorated and peaceful at the same time. Claire Lammertsma



The class is very suitable for all pregnants. I feel very relaxed as well as stretch after attending the class. I love the yoga even before I became a pregnant women but I found it more relaxing during pregnancy. Preferably believe it will definitely help my labour. 

Thanks for the class and all the advise.Rachel 39wks


It was great and relaxing, enjoyed it so much. Thank You.

Lia Ter Horst 


I started with a trail lesson and it soon became a beautiful part of my Tuesdays! Sharla is a wonderful human being and a great instructor. She not only guides you through the ‘routine’ but focuses tremendously on yogic healing and well being. Needless to say, I feel the most energetic and invigorated and ‘happy’ after each session with her. It’s a wonderful journey, pregnancy and thank you Sharla for making its so much easier.

Pooja Priyadarshini, 30yrs old , 27wks pregnant


It is amazing a must for all mummies-to-be!

Mei, singapore


This is a terrific class. I enjoy the stretches, postures and of course relaxation. Highly recommend for all expecting mons

Yeal Amit


During my pregnancy, I always feel tired and have frequent backaches, but after I signed up for the class with Sharla, I feel more relaxed and my backaches feels much better. I will recommend the class to my friends who are gonna be mothers

Leoka, singapore





I have had the fortune to work with Sharla who helped us set up VERITA, Singapore's largest Integrated Wellness Center. She was a pleasure to work with and was extremely efficient at sourcing and managing everything related to the SPA division. Her attention to detail and the quality and dedication were also evident. Sharla is also well connected in her industry and helped us by locating and hiring excellent therapists that keep our clients coming back. I would highly recommend her services as she constantly strives to provide more than is expected.

Charles Au, Director, VERITA Advanced Wellness, Nov 2011


“Sharla is one of the more methodical, process oriented and conscientious spa

professionals I've had the pleasure to work with. Looking forward to working with her again in some capacity in the future.”

Nicholas Singh, Marketing Director, May 13, 2011



We worked together forming strategies and action plans on green hotels and spas,

using natural products from the Andean rain forest. Sharla is smart, fast and very

pragmatic and a wonderful sense of style and design. A wonderful and inspiring person to work with.” April 28, 2009 - Paul Anthony Zaman, CEO & Founder, Qualvin Advisory Pte Ltd


 “Sharla is an open, honest, detail orientated friend and business colleague that I have had the pleasure to work with over the years. She has the ability to manage people and projects efficiently and effectively. She delivers projects that are well thought throughand executes deadlines on time. I look forward to working with Sharla on more projects and I give her my highest recommendation.”

Joanne Berry, Founder, Spa Remedies, March 2009

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