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Wellness massage yoga sunshine coast queensland

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Healing begins with you
Irrespective of what the world says, you make your own little world by changing yourself.
– Rumi –

As a teenager I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to heal myself, and others. And I did.


For 30 years I have delved into healing modalities that work to release, transform, expand and revive. While my intuition guides me, my practical experience forms the foundation of true healing.

Sharla Charnley wellness yoga massage sunshine coast queensland
Retreats Sunshine Coast

Our retreats are especially for those looking to take a moment in time to rejuvenate, reconnect and feel inspired.

Wellness natural products sunshine coast

The TrulyWellness product range is blended and created especially for you with love and gratitude .

Massage wellness treatments sunshine coast

We offer a holistic approach to wellness combining aromatherapy and massage in a sacred space.

Yoga noosa sunshine coast

Explore yoga and allow yourself to shine with love.

Massage lessons education sunshine coast queensland

Through our education and workshop programs we can also broadens one's perspective and understanding of the world, which can lead to greater empathy and tolerance towards others.

Wellness ice bath sunshine coast queensland

Do you feel the calling to challenge yourself?
Unleash your inner power and innate wisdom in the cold water...

Online circle group spirituality yoga

Join our monthly circle online to reconnect with who you are, to make your heart sing, to connect with your spirit guides & improve your intuition.

Luxury Spa

We aim to provide a service that not only embraces the changing face of the wellness and holistic spa industry...

Spa Consultancy
what people say
Meditate at the beach
"I have had the fortune to work with Sharla who helped us set up VERITA Singapore's largest Integrated Wellness Center. She was a pleasure to work with and was extremely efficient at sourcing and managing everything related to the SPA division. Her attention to detail and the quality and dedication were also evident. I would highly recommend her services as she constantly strives to provide more than is expected."

Charles Au, Director @ Veritas Advanced Wellness

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