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Relax: Intuitive Aromatherapy Massage  60 min - $100,  90 min - $150

Combining a variety of ancient massage techniques with the healing power of aromatherapy, this unique massage combining breath work helps to release blocked tension, balance your emotions, and provide a harmonizing experience, the treatment starts with a beautiful lemon foot-bath, so do allow an additionally 10mins for this.... 

Reiki 60 min $80

Reiki, a Japanese word meaning 'Universal Life Energy', is an extremely effective technique for stress release, relaxation, depression, and illness recovery. It accelerates the body’s natural healing power, and provides an energy boost for those lacking in vitality and energy.


Revive Reflexology & Indian Head Massage 60mins $99

A relaxing foot massage using a combination of massage and reflexology helps to remove blockages, correct energy flow within the body, and produce a deep feeling of balance and well being. 

A regular foot massage utilising reflexology stimulates organs and energy centres in the body, and promotes physiological well-being. This pick-me-up treatment will leave you feeling revitalised.


Restore Organic Hydrating Facial 60 min $110

A gorgeous treatment to cleanse, hydrate and restore your skin.  This facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, massage, mask and moisturiser. You will leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, with glowing skin.


Cancer Care Treatments 60 min $100

Ask about our full range of services designed to care for clients, which are currently, or have previously been treated for cancer.


Relax & Restore Special 2hr $220

Enjoy a restful treatment to soothe your soul and bring your inner focus to a more relaxed pace.

Take the weight off your mind with a combination of body therapies, the ultimate wellness experience to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, your journey will include a lemon foot bath, guided breathing, intuitive massage, organic hydrating facial & energy work.

Re-energise: Ice bath and breathwork 1:1 45mins  $70 

Combining the power of ice therapy, movement and pranayama, this pick-me-up journey will leave you feeling calmer yet revitalized. ( A feeling of, on top of the world) Reconnect… the cold leads the way a spirituality of the mind, a calmness which you can handle other stress.


Reset: Nervous System  105mins  $175 

Combining the power of breathwork, yoga, massage reflexology, aromatherapy and, this powerful combination begins with a bespoke breathwork journey, followed by an intuitive massage with aromatherapy and Tibetan sound bowls. This treatment is about fully surrendering and letting go to bring your body back into a parasympathetic state. Reset your nervous system and reduce stress.


Reconnect: Enhance Your Psychic Ability Level 1 -  Wed 6.30pm -8.00pm for 6 weeks $250

This program is designed to enhance your daily life and intuition. It is an in-depth online journey on how to utilize an array of practices and concepts in life to bring clarity, awareness of our intimate wisdom and psychic self. We will explore the nature of the mind, connecting to our life purpose, intention setting, and begin developing psychic abilities.


Add On's

Reconnect: Aromatherapy Consultation $49 - 30 mins (included bespoke remedy blend )

This consultation provides an interactive process to create a personal blend ‘Just For You’, using 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils to address various physical, mental and emotional concerns. Aromatherapy is a powerful tool that helps to: alter, shift, influence, change mood, and enhance emotional states. This consultation involves a brief summary of your concerns to help select the most appropriate essential oils for your personal aromatherapy blend. The session also includes sensory testing, which is used to help discover the aromatherapy that provokes a positive emotional response within the body.  Once we select your personal oils we formulate your remedy into your own bespoke blend.


Gift Vouchers Are Available, gift a loved one or a friend a “Gift Of Health & Wellness"

$20 off your first Treatment....

Lemon Foot Bath  15 min $30

A gentle cleansing and healing treatment, perfect during times of change or when feeling a bit overwhelmed. This foot bath stimulates blood circulation and warmth to the body. The healing qualities of lemon will help ground and restore balance and harmony. 

Foot baths aid in bringing energy down from the head to the feet inducing a state of calm and balance.


Magnesium Foot Bath 15 min $30

A detox soak using magnesium salts is a natural way to draw out toxins and replenish magnesium - of which most of us are deficient. Our feet contain the largest pores of the body, and so enable absorbtion of this highly beneficial mineral salt.

One on One Additional Sessions

Yoga  (one to one) 30min $45 60mins $90

Yoga is a multifaceted approach that encourages mindful breathing, a variety of postures, and relaxation techniques that will both nurture and challenge your body, uplift your spirits and enhance your health.


Dreamtime (guided meditation)30min $45 60mins $90

Discover the art of mindfulness and finding stillness within through the practice of meditation, combined with the power of pranayama (Breathe) and aromatherapy.

Pranayama 30min $45 60mins $90

Discover the art of controlling the breath, which is the source of our pana, or vital life force. Practising regularly helps us to clear physical and emotional blocks or obstacles in our body. We will start with simple breathing awareness exercises before moving into he retention of the breath 

Cacao Ceremony 60mins $90

Engage with the power of ceremonial cacao, a gift from mother nature, which can help promotes inner healing. Cacao has the potential to guide and is used to gently open your heart to invite you to dive into an inner journey, sip the cacao to reconnect with mother nature and your true self


Empowering you to be...

the best version of yourself

Aromatherapy Consultation 30 min $50  (includes bespoke remedy blend)

Discover the most appropriate essential oil blend for your personal concerns.  In this interactive process we will create an aromatherapy remedy blend ‘Just For You’ using 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils to take home in a mist spray bottle. 

Essential oils aid an array of various physical, mental and emotional concerns, and acts as a powerful tool to: alter, shift, influence, change mood, and enhance emotional states.


Bach Flower Consultation 30 min $50 (includes Bach flower remedy)

Bach Flower Essence works quickly and deeply, helping to restore the balance between mind, body, and emotions. We offer a safe environment to talk freely and confidentially about any issue in order to select the most appropriate Bach flower remedies for your personalised blend.

New! Nervous System Reset 

Special Offer 3hrs $350

Enjoy a restful treatment to soothe the tension and calm your mind, contact Sharla for more details

Aromatherapy Classes : 

Aromatherapy Party  (minimum 4 people) 50 min  $44 ea

Host friends in the comfort of your home for a unique aromatherapy party; a fun, interactive workshop where you will learn the power of aromatherapy, and make a personalised aromatherapy mist spray each to take home.


Aromatherapy 101  (minimum 4 people)  60 min $44 ea

Aromatherapy is a powerful tool, which helps to manage emotions and wellness.  In this exciting workshop, you will develop an understanding of aromatherapy and its history, and gain confidence in how and when to use it.  You will also make your own personalised aromatherapy mist spray to take home with you. 


Hot Stone and Crystal Therapy Signature Treatment 90 min $148

Combining a variety of ancient massage techniques with the healing power of hot stones, salt stones, and crystals combined with essential oils, this powerful treatment can reduce tension and stress, while relieving pain and inflammation. 

Warm crystals are placed on the chakra points and selected massage techniques used to balance the 7 major chakras. 

Truly wellness’ signature treatment aims to connect mind to body through indulging the senses, instilling calm, and an overall sense of peace and well-being.

Truly Wellness offers a holistic approach to wellness combining aromatherapy, massage, yoga, ice baths, breathwork and meditation. Located in the wilds of Verrierdale, treatments are available throughout the week via appointment in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Truly Wellness is the culmination of Sharla Charnley’s years of experience in the spa and wellness industry in Australia and abroad, designed to bring the highest standards of industry expertise to the region. In addition to personalised, individual treatments, Truly Wellness also offers professional expertise to the spa industry, providing concept, development and design consultancy services to spa and wellness providers.  

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